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To be nut about trading - English Course To be nut about trading - English Course. At the beginning of Hobilari Blog, I used to be active to write posting on English Course here you can find, by the time I am getting busy to write more posting for this blog. I had to give my time also for my daughter, since she is now at Elementary School ( 3rd Grade).

She needs me to learn how to be an effective student while doing everyday homeworks, yes it is almost everyday my daughter has homeworks. It is sometime exhausted but it is a must to do for every student.

I personally not a fluent speaker in English, but just trying to learn more on English speaking, reading, and also writing, since I believe English is the key. If you are blogger, you will know why English is so important. Writing English content will be a plus, since the native readers and viewers will be paid more than local ones. That is why English for blogger is very important.
Learning to say something " to be nuts about "

Starting today I would like to write on the phrase of " to be nuts about" This phrase means to be very enthusiast about an object, activity, or person. Let say you are crazy about running, you do running regularly, you learn all about running, from gadgets and gears for runners, technique, all aspect of running. Besides those things you also a very active in running. Then you friend may call you as You are nuts about running.

In the next days to go, I have plan to regulary posting English content againt, concerning with Grammar, Vocabulary, and how to descibe, say, and write something on English. This content mainly for me, but if you all the reader of hobilari said its usefull, i just can say thank you so much.

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