Question Tag (Seri Belajar Bahasa Inggris)

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Question Tag (Seri Belajar Bahasa Inggris) - Hobilari.Com. Pada kesempatan pertemuan kali ini saya ingin membahas tentang Question Tag. Question Tag adalah pertanyaan untuk pengukuhan.

Contoh :
The gir is beautiful, isn't she?
I am blogger, aren't I?
The students were in the class yesterday, weren't they?
The girl has been at the office, hasn't she?
The boys have drunk some fruit juice, haven't they?
The boy had eaten some rice, hadn't he?
The boy will swim, won't he?
They would come here, wouldn't they?
We go to market on foot, don't we?
The dog ran into the garden, didn't it?
We have lunch in the dining room, don't we?
They had dinner in the restaurant, didn't they?

Question Tag untuk kalimat perintah, melarang, dan permintaan adalah "will you".
Drink my tea John, will you?
Be Patient please, will you?
Don't drink my tea, will you?
Never use my flashdisk, will you?
Have the coffee, will you?
Let me see your gadget, will you?

Question Tag untuk kalimat ajakan adalah "shall we".
Contoh :
Let us go to the movie, shall we?
Let us run in the jogging track, shall we?
Apabila subject dalam kalimat menggunakan somebody, nobody, someone, noone, anybody, anyone, maka apabila dicari question tag-nya akan menjadi "They"
Somebody is in the office, aren't they?
Someone has eaten my cake, haven't they?
No one is in the office, are they?

Apabila pada kalimatnya terdapat "never, seldom, rarely, hardly, few, litte" maka kalimatnya dianggap sudah negatif, sehingga question tag-nya harus positif.
The girl never speaks to me, does she?
The seldom come to my office, do they?
Few staffs are in the office, are they?
a few staffs are in the office, arent they? (bedakan dengan contoh sebelumnya)

Kalau kalimatnya terdiri dari dua clause, maka clausa yang dibelakang yang berhak mendapatkan Question Tag.
Father watched TV, Mother was busy, wasn't she?

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