Noun Clause ( Seri Belajar Bahasa Inggris)

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Noun Clause atau anak kalimat pengganti benda, memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut :
Kalimatnya dimulai dengan tanda tanya (what, where, why, who, whoever, whether, how, that) tetapi tidak dalam bentuk bertanya.

Noun Clause dapat digolongkan menjadi tiga, yaitu :
  • Subyek
  • Komplemen
  • Obyek, dapt dibagi menjadi Obyek langsung dan obyek tidak langsung

Contoh pemakaian dalam kalimat :

Noun Clause sebagai Subyek

Contoh :
What I want is consistent in profit.
What you said is true.
What announced suddenly made the girl happy.
Whoever works hard, will feel tired.
How the bird entered the room puzzled me.

Noun Clause sebagai Komplemen.
Noun Clause sebagai komplemen memiliki ciri terletak di belakang to be.

Contoh :
Here is what i know.
The questions is whether you get the code.
That's why she left the room quickly.
You're what you are.
It seems that she is honest.

Noun Clause sebagai Obyek Langsung (Direct Object)
Noun Clause jenis ini memiliki ciri terletak di belakang kata kerja.

Contoh :
I know what he said.
Everybody knows where the capital city is.
You can guess, where the girls have gone.
The boy wondered who had taken his photo.

Noun Clause sebagai obyek tidak langsung (Indirect Object)
We send them what they need.
They tell us what are they looking foor.
My Uncle asked his son who the best student in his class was.

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