Dont polish your car directly under the sunshine

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Dont polish your car directly under the sunshine  - hobilari.com Two weeks ago I started to gradually do paint correction to my Toyota 1NZFE, since this small city car had not been cared with any paint correction since i bought some years ago. Also at a glance I can take conclusion thats heavy compounding to cut its top clear coat had not ever been done to this car. This is the goodnews, that this car is still in original paint. If any small to medium deep scratch is very acceptable since this is a daily use car.

Routine treatment for daily use car

As a daily ride, this small 1495 cc car only had standar pressure cleaning every 3-5 days, or can be more frequently pressure washed on rainy day, since I had make standart to always keep car in clean and smooth condition.

Seems simply, but I do not just wash, but medium detailed washed, since I had also done some medium detailed cleaning, brushing the wheel, cleaning dirt in between grill and badge, scrubbing the glass to remove tough dirt that cant be wipe of with only microfiber wipe. I never put off what I can do to wipe any dirt as soon as possible. Wen dealing with dirt on car body exterior, especially if dirt material or contaminant may contain acid then you had to clean them soon, dont take any risk for acid contaminant can damage your car exterior, first the will damage the outer or topping coat, like clear coat, or the harder coat like ceramic coating. So the wise is do and take action soon to clean them up before this acid drill deeper and deeper.

Paint Correction

As you know I am a busy person, cant do a job on continuous time, let say 3 hours continuous writing a content, I had many list of urgent job, so doing a paint correction on my own car cant do at one time finish, but I break them down into some schedule, one day for right side panel, one day for left side panel, one day for machine hood, top roof and rear / front bumper.

I successfully do paint correction with fast cutting compound cream made by leader company, almost all my paint correction was done at 7-8 AM on cloudy day, so the panel of the car is on cold temperature, this is important to do when you do paint correction, since if the panel is hot then the compounding cream will break down faster, dried up, then you will have trouble to move your foam pad and rotary polisher for it is like polishing on a gum surface, so so sticky.

I ever wonder why the foam pad being so sticky, I had done all the procedure before, like cleaning pad using only water (no soap), using only water based compound, wipe all any wax before compound and polishing, and do some reset using clay bar to remove any stubborn dirt before paint correction. All those had been done, but I still got sticky paint when I start to play my rotary polisher.

Having trouble with sticky paint then I read my favorite reference, hence I find that when temperature getting hot, the temperature of the car panel being corrected will be hot, the mixt between foam pad and water mist (usually to lubricate before first touch with panel) will result humid foam pad, them the panel will likely lock the pad, hence foam pad cant easly move, this will be called polishing a sticky paint.

What you do if find a sticky paint to polish?

  • Be sure not to do any paint correction on hot temperature, can be caused because direct sun light or the hot panel after hours or ride.

  • Be sure do wipe or reset all any wax before compounding

  • Be sure to use the matched foam pad and compounding cream.

  • Use only high quality foam and compound, price will tells, no matter if the price is higher than others because you will get best quality.

That is my share on simple paint correction on my own car, hopefully you can take advantage of this content, if any question, simple inbox me through contact or leave any comment below.

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