Why I prefer netbook to write a post for my blog?

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Why I prefer netbook to write a post for my blog? Blogger anywhere you are, The most frequent thing you need is desktop or laptop. Just because you have to do blogging activities like make a concept (brainstorming) before posting, editing image, and adding some watermark for your own photoes, make a post, do blog walking, commenting on others blog, also get more technical knowledge like managing big data, blog dashboard, hosting, migrating and so on.


These all activities really need desktop or laptop. It is OK if you are stationed on a cozyroom, full air conditioned, and you are full to access all those facilites. But how if you have to mobile, because your job had asked you to travel ( blogging is your sidejob) then of course you will think twice to bring your laptop for its heavier than netbook.

I personally write on this blog, sharing my preference to use smaller size display mobile computer called netbook. This only 10 inch display really help me producing good content in minutes,



  • Smaller Display will benefited me to work longer than using larger display computer. It really helps me stay longer to my work since I can write more than 5 hours, ( exactly if only used to write this netbook will even stay longer to service me, writing, editing, and all not connected internet activities) But once you had connect internet using cellular data access like modem or USB tethering, it will faster the battery drain. The solution you can use USB tether than USB modem, since USB tether, the internet to be accessed using the battery of gadget you used to tether the connetion to internet. Use large capacity battery for your netbook, by bigger capacity if you want to work longer without power outlet.

  • Lighter. Yes absolutely, lighter weight is the main reason for me, also for most women blogger ( remember I am a man, but like the lighter one), the small sized and ligth weighted will increase the mobility.

  • Its OK to use anywhere, Using small sized display computer will be more informal, especially when you are at a cozy cafe, writing a blog with a big display laptop (15 inch) just like doing your task at office, Remember most blogger do their job on a very calm and inspirating surrounding. The cozier the place, then the better inspiration will flowing into blog content.

That is all I can share on this blog for, the next I will write some taks that I cant do with netbook.

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