Why do you run ?

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Why Do You Run?

Why are you running? many friends give different reasons, but the most almost the same reason are :


  • The Simple one, Running is the most simple workout to do, no need extra gear and apparels. What actually the basic apparels needed for runner?

    • Running Shoes, various comfort running shoes you may find on marketplace or online store like Amazon or others, please be sure you are comfortable with the size, do not buy the shoes before you fit them on your feet. If you fit them please be sure these shoes is comfortable for your feet, try to little run test drive wether the shoes are really what you want.

    • Comfortable running socks. Running shock will help reducing impact when your feet landing on the street. Choose the comfort, not slicky, firm, but not caused irritation to your feet skin. I tend to use the brand that I had known before.

    • Running outfits, like short or Tshirt, specially for runner, with lightweight, mesh shaped cotton, breathable mateial.

    • Name tag ( name ID or Runner ID, or road ID something like it). In case of emergency you need to give runner ID containing phone contact, name, or address.

    • Cellular Phone. Also in case you need something urgent you can make a call.

    • Fuel and Drink, for enery and hydration. For short mileage, you only need water, if longer milage like 10KM and above you need extra energy, usually in term of easly peeled packed like snack bar, or fruit like banana.

    • Small bag, specially designed to be attached to your body but designed to make you free to move while running. Many brand had create many product at this line.

    • These running gears are optional, You may running without these gears.

      • Sport Tracker Apss, They can be dedicated GPS devices for running or GPS eqquipped  gadget like 5 inch Android or Iphone.

      • Heart Rate Monitor / Personal Monitor.

  • Running is the basic of every sport, if you do other sport let say gymnastic, swimming, biking, then running will boost you cardiovascular capacity. You will benefited with the effect of routine run training.

  • The cheapest one, this is also the most reason many peoples choose running as sport. But you have to know cheapest is very relative to others, you can really manage all the budget based on your choices. You may buy all those things above including GPS tracker and HRM, but if not is OK, you may be run without those gadget.

  • Now becoming trending. Running events now are held almost every week. It is easy for you to find the next running event on your city.

  • Now women like to run that is the best reason for every men in the world since the can be more reason to run longer.

You may had your own reason why are you running? if any please feel free to contact me using contact form on this blog.Any comment please insert comment below

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