The reason why bloggers had to write longer ( and better content) fortheir blog)

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The reason why bloggers had to write longer ( and better content) for their blog)

This share on this blog based on my last week experience. Weekend is always the best time for me to handle all household job, do you like it? like me actually I dont like but, I dont have any assistant / servant, so I had to finish all those jobs with my wife. You know, it took 2-3 hours to finish.

This weekend, as planned before, I just allocated one day to do  "saturday task" from cleaning the tank, kitchen, sink, backyard, front yard, cleaning the water pond and fountain, grass cutting, and so many.

Doing this all, had left only 2 hours of this Saturday to managing my blogs, So busy with those all hadnt made me to forget posting a fresh content to my blog, for I had made a scheduled post every 7.00 AM in the morning for content in Bahasa, and at the 0.00 AM for content in English.

As usual, I often to share what activities I had done like automotive repair and care, simple daily tips, small DIY Project, etc.

Finishing Saturday routine task, had left me only 2-3 hour managing my blog, I had actually write to post on Saturday, but not for Saturday's Post, but for some next day (scheduled post) but you know I forgeted to set the publicize setting to setting at the next scheduled day, so after first post for Saturay at 07.00 am, I post the 2nd and 3rd post in 3-5 hours. So not to wonder why There were three post at last Saturday, That was my mistake not to set before submit posting, from scheduled post to publish now. Realizing I had gone wrong in setting the publishing time I dont edit the posting date, Just let them as if.

I had set that weekday from Monday to Friday is regular posting and writing a post for the next several day, and for Saturday and Sunday, I used specially to do SEO Improvement, for I had lot of spare time during weekend, give me best chance to opmtimize my blog using improved SEO, HTML, and other aspect. This is a regular activity every week, but specially on last Saturday I cant do those all, for I had to do another Saturday task, that is Sunday Task. What I do? Still the same, doing some household routine task, in addition I was so busy with many old things on my garage, I select them and categorize into not usefull to me again and planned to give them to other thats really need or can take the advantages of those stuff. If for me and my family we thing not useful again, maybe other need them so much. Just give to others.

I am sorry so long I do preopening word, The main things I want to say is that during my very busy weekend, I dont have time for managing my blog,  as you know, the more I do social media activity usually my blog traffic rise, but, Its anomaly for last busy weekend, I had no time, but I was surpised with the spike at my blog traffic.

So what caused my blog traffic spike higher thatn before, even the spike at the weekend?

I just went to wordpress dashboard,  you know I use Jetpack so I can connect my wordpress to my selfhosted blog, from the wordpress I can see what articles had contribute traffic. Surprising me that some new published articels had contributed the traffic spike on my blog. Some of articles just wroted 3-5 days ago.

Detailed look at the google search query, I found that the audience use a combination of may random word to find my content. I didnt set any special keyword for those content, but how come the audience finding my articles?  Yes this because the more I write the more I get bigger chance to be successfully searched by the combination of word entered by searcher on google. So.... It is a real lesson that writing more and more, writing more word will improve your search rank. I am learning from experience, not a master of SEO, just  writing more and more, for I am only a blogger.

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