The Jack of all trade - many aspect that a blogger has to know

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The jack of all trade

Jack of all trade at the first 6 monthsHobilari, since established at the Q1 2014, I am as founder and also main content writer, had to do and to be "jack all of trade" do all aspect as blogger, admin, editor, content write, social marketer, and other aspect related to blogging.

The first 6 months, be a daily poster.

For the first 6 month, I focused on writing, yes write everyday, take a photo of some DIY projects, do editing, etc. Really exhausted since I had also to learn Blogging Platform, SEO, Social Bookmarking.

I was so overwhelmed with all the online learn I got from many forums on how to start a blog, how to be a blogger, how to make SEO friendly writing, etc.

I was so short of time to know them all, on the other side I have to always realize, that at the beginning the most important to do is just to write and write. Just write anything I can, simply I found anything to be the original content around me, doing a DIY project, repair my tools how to use my tools, simple daily tips, so many things can be my original source. I am never afraid to make mistake when start to write.

Dont be a perfect one but be a quick starter to write.

I believe I just need to brainstorm all idea, write them down on my raw note, then I complete one by one, line by line, word by word, That is what I call as a process, It takes time to make good write, but It is wise to start sooner than waiting to be perfect. There is always time and chance to fine tune your past writing.

Getting involved technical knowledge  ( the first 6 - 12 months).

Agains, as a solo blogger ( running a blog alone, no assistance, no helper), had taught me much to be a fast learner, not only how to write, but also how to make good writing, optimizing blog, do SEO improvement, learn many blogging technique, and also pushed me to learn further on migrating from one registrant to another. This happen at the first 6 months, Learning much on how to migrate domain, to a new domain registrant, also to migrate all content and attachement to other hosting space. This first migration is easy, for I move to managed wordpress hosting, that is just buy a space and export all content to my my wordpress platform. At this phase, the cost of running hobilari is so cheap for I buy at 75% price off.  Maintain is easy, just like the wordpress environment.


Getting closer to technical detail ( migration, database management) ( after 12 months )

November 2015, I got many offers from many hosting company, offering me on Black Friday sale,  I took one of the offers, but I had to pay 2 years contract at the advance. But It has been my commitment to pay at the advance and just thought it as paid in advance cost for my blog cashflow. The good news is that I can now focuse on writing, and optimizing my blog. After paying the 2 years hosting contract, I had 1 month to migrate my blog to new hosting. This hosting is not a managed wordpress, so you know, I had to install wordpress unsing softaculous, installing A-Z wordpress plugins I need, learning many new things. Sometimes need extra help, and thanks to Google had lead me to a smooth way to learning many skill on managing my wordpress. It is not easy setting many thing on selfhosted wordpress for shared hosting with 1-2 other blogs had pushed me again to learn managing many blog on the same server. I had to learn on many technical details on redirect using htaccess, make hidden folder in order not to be accessed by public, creating redirect, managing space with other blogs, optimizing blog using some WP plugins, embedding code to track. Also on optimizing ads, I learned new things on Google Webmaster Tools, and Analytics.

contoh detail

Optimizing while writing Good Content.

At this phase I had committed to write more word on a post, since I had make personal research, that writing more word will give me more chance to be in first query  of Google Search. While writing more better conten, I am also do Optimization, had take more of my time. Not also writing but I allocate my time to optimizing blog using Google Analytic, some of the optimizing like User Flow Analytics, also I learned to managed broken link. Migrating 2 times had made difference in file path, so I need to install broken link check to ensure all content, image, post, are well linked. Also I often use Omnisearch from Jetpack, help me much to find any missing content.

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