Migrating your blog followers from wordpress to self-hosted wordpress

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Migrating your blog followers from wordpress to self-hosted wordpress. In this case I would like to share my experince some weeks ago, when migrating my followers from old blog (hobilari on wordpress) to new selfhosted (self-hosted wordpress)


Main pre-requisite to migrate follower

  • Old blog hosted on wordpress had followers

  • New selfhosted wordpress had been installed with jetpack and please connect your new blog to jetpack


About Blog ID

The Blog ID is unique, if blog migrate without the change in blog ID then the follower will follow the migration, but if the Blog ID had changed in case of hosting migration then the new blog ID will differ from the old one.

How to migrate blog's followers

To migrate the follower use this tips below

  • Login to new self hosted wordpress dashboard and connect the jetpack ( be sure to install this plugins before, then activate it)

  • Login to Wordpress.com and then add new site. Here you can find your old blog that is yourblog dot wordpress dot com. And then add new self hosted (connected by jetpack )




If adding new website success you will have the screen like above picture.



From the _wordpress.com dashboard

After successfully add new self hosted wordpress, then you switch the site, please choose the self hosted wordpress. Click setting, and see on migrate followers from another _wordpress.com blog.

Please choose from which you want to move follower. Just follow the instruction. It took longer time to migrate lot of follower, you will be prompted to e-mail whenever migration success.


After some time then check the self hosted blog ( via dashboad of self hosted blog) then you fill find follower had migrated.




Make the old blog to be private

Dont forget to set private for the old blog, or set it public but all content had to be set to pivate, and make a redirection message like " had moving to _yournewblog.com "

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