Why You have to write (a blog)?

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before writing on this blog, i rarely write a lot, most of my writings are coment on social media, commenting my picture, or friends's status update.

But why now i am an acive and a lot writing blogger?

  • Completing my personal reference / personal online library. Mainly i write for my personal keep for all my reference and experience, like cooking, personal tips, and my daily activities. By writing those all to my blog, i can easily manage, reread, and also share to my friends.

  • Writing makes you become more patient. I have learned many things from writing a blog. I can be more patient when i have to wait my daily trading. Before i do blogging, when i have to wait my trading, i used to only browse internet, just read and read almost anything i like to read. But not for now, since i had a blog, i am busy with writing my blog, trying to publish high quality content for all the audience.

  • Writing is a way to make a structured concept. Writing a good content is a process, takes time and experience, while writing routinely i will be more structured, and i can deliver better blog content. By the time, a daily poster blogger will gain more blogging experience, personal technique and writing style.

  • I am writing for my killing time. Most of my blog content, concept of writing, and photoes decorated this blog, i did on my spare time, as i mentioned earlier on the previous item above, that i had much time while i waited my trading time. I used  this all spare time to concept, prepare, and do all blogging aspect. Browse back to this blog content you can find a lot story about "blackout" since i lived in a town, with unscheduled Blackout, maybe when heavy rain, for the reason of safety then the Power Company had switched off the electricity, then i got entered Blackout mode, it may stay to many hours of Blackout. Then...should i just sleep, or eat when Blackout comes?? No..no... I can do that, I will be non productive blogger. So while no electricity, while blackout, i still do my blogging, i have create a power backup to energize my laptop (see here),  also i can do concepting and design of my blog content, what i need only a note, a pen, and a cup of coffee and then i started to brainstorm. No handicap to blog, no reason to stop blogging since i can do anywhere blogging.

  • Writing for Sharing. What i had done, sometimes turns out to be new thing for others, i am so glad when my content can be a new learning for others.Apa yang telah saya lakukan, kadang ternyata menjadi hal baru bagi orang lain. Sharing an experience let say how to enroll a public services, to friend now easly to do, just only sending a link to her/his, then she/he can click the link directly to my blog content. Before i had a blog, i had to rewrite again and again when my friend asked me about something.

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  1. So true! Well said, Surya. All the points above are also the reasons why I started my blog last month. Yup, I'm a new kid on the block in the blogging/writing world. In fact, I never had any sort of diary ever for me to write on until I started blogging.