Beach at the center of Balikpapan City

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Sunday usually a special day for us, it is a full day stay and rest at home, after the full five day, from Monday - to Friday, plus a half day work for my wife as Civil Servant, she had to gone to work from Monday to Saturday, oh...what a pity. Because of those all exhausted and busy weekdays, so we always be happy when it is Saturday and Sunday, Thanks God, it is Saturday.

When my daughter was still an kindergarten student,  we did use full day of Sunday to have a full stay at home. We have set all outside home activities using car had been scheduled on weekdays, All we want is full stay at home on Sunday. But, it has been changed, since my daughter had been entered Elementary School, she got busy from Monday to Friday, almost a half day she had to be at school. Seems that she is almost boring, that she needs extra refresh at the end of the week, Yes finally we had changed  Sunday as a happy day, yes we can go stroll around Balikpapan City, Place where we lived for now.

Well, this is the first for my posting on this blog talking about my short stroll around city, and in the next this will be an almost routine program to be posted on this blog. Hopefully all my friends and readers of this blog always follow my blog, and i will try to give the best i can.

This posting, was originated when my parent in laws came to Balikpapan, then my wife decided to take an eating out, we decided to try beach side restaurant, around Balikpapan City, What we really want is an easy accessed place, clean, and also delicious food for our beloved parents. You know the beachside reastaurant was so enjoyful for us, while eating,  we could enjoy the breeze beach air, full bright sun, and the blue of the sea.

For you to know if coming to Balikpapan, this beach is known as Kemala Beach, a very easy accessed beach from the center of Balikpapan City, you only need to ride about 2.5 KM from the three Junction of Balikpapan Center (the first Mall, or Plaza at Balikpapan). For further detail you can see the map below.

Around Balikpapan, this beach was known as Jimbaran of Balikpapan, for it is similarity to Jimbaran Beach at Bali.

Clearly you can see from photos above, this Kemala beach has white sand. It is very fun to have a sand castle building for my daughter. Activate your google map and pointed to Balikpapan, then you can see white sandy beach like pictured in this photo.

This beach has become local tourist destination in the city of Balikpapan, because its proximity, easy access, complete facility. Even at the afternoon you can find Banana Boat, Jet Skiing, other water sport, and some outdoor plays like flying fox, ets.

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